Speed Dating Perth Australia



How many people will I meet at each Perth Speed Dating Event?
While most of our events consist of around 15 couples, we will book a maximum of 18 girls and 18 guys.

Is Speed Dating for me?
What's not to love about Speed Dating? You get to meet 15 similarly aged singles over the course of a couple of hours. All the hardwork and awkwardness of asking for contact details is taken care of. You just have to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

What types of payment do you accept?
To ensure even numbers we do not allow cash payments on the night. We accept direct deposit or credit card. We understand that a few of you do not have "regular" access to the internet and may have to manually go to the bank and deposit the money into our account. For our records can you please SMS or email us the transfer details. Thank you.

What time do the events start at finish?
Nearly all of our events are run on a Thursday night starting from 7:30 and finishing around 10:30. Your matches will be sent via email within 24 hrs of the event finishing.

How many matches can I expect?
Out of 30 people attending in an average night, I would say most of the time maybe one guy might miss out and get no matches. About 25% of the time everybody would get at least one match. On average most people get 3-5 matches.

Do many people come solo to your events or do most people bring a friend?
Lets take an average event of 15 couples. I would say about 11 out of 15 guys would come solo. For the girls maybe half or a little less than half would come solo, maybe 7 out 15. Our experienced hosts understand that it is a little bit daunting coming by yourself, so they go to that extra effort to make you feel welcome and introduce you to the other singles that have come by themselves. There is a party type atmosphere to our Perth Speed Dating Events, everyone there is friendly and all come for the same reason - To meet and talk to new people.

What happens after I register with Perth Speed Date?
We please ask that you take a minute to fill in your details on our Registration Page. From here we will then send you weekly emails keeping you informed on all upcoming suitable Perth Speed Dating Events.

What should I wear to a Perth Speed Dating Event?
For best results, attending an event nicely presented is quite important. Guys, common sense things like clean shaven, neat combed hair and clean finger nails. Nice dress pants and a collared shirt would be advised.

What sort of people will I meet?
Smart people that value their time and can see all the benefits that Speed Dating has to offer. Enthusiastic, young professionals that genuinely want to meet someone. You won't find these sorts of people at a sleazy pub/nightclub stumbling around drunk trying to pick up....