Speed Dating Perth Australia


We take an even amount of guys and girls (usually around 15 of each) and pair them up at individual tables. From here you will have approx 6 minutes with each member of the opposite sex in your first round of "Speed Dating". After 6 minutes a bell will ring, we ask you to promptly tick either a "yes" or a "no" on your scorecard as to whether you would like to see that person again or not. A second bell will ring and all the girls rotate to the next table for their second round of "Speed Dating". This process continues until every girl has met every guy in the room. As everything happens so quickly, we will have 2 breaks during the evening for you to catch up with your scorecard should your fall behind. You will also have the opportunity to talk again with the people who you "clicked" with. In most cases 6 minutes is just not enough! We will bring out some hot nibbles and your complimentary drink during these two breaks.

At the end of the evening we collect up all the scorecards for subsequent "Matching". A "Match" basically consists of 2 people both ticking "yes" to each other on their cards. Contact details of your "Matches" will then be sent out to you within 24 hours of your event finishing.

Speed Dating has many advantages over other traditional dating methods. Basically time, convenience and options are the major factors in why Speed Dating is so popular. At a Perth Speed Dating Event you will get the chance to meet 15 similarly aged singles over the course of just a couple of hours. Everything is done for you, we arrange all the people for you to meet and provide you with contact details of your matches. All you have to worry about is impressing that other person for 6 minutes. In this fast-paced world what more could you ask for ?